Certified coach training programme – in-house

Our Certified Coach Training Programme will train your staff to become an invaluable internal coaching resource, providing a service comparable in every sense to that of an external coach, with the exception that your internal coaches are employees of the same organisation as their coachees. The programme prepares coaches for ICF Associate Certified Accreditation (ACC) status.

The workshop was written and designed by a professionally trained and qualified coach and aligns with the ICF core competencies, standards and ethics. The training draws on this experience, incorporating some of the most powerful coaching tools and techniques into a coaching model which gives participants a solid structure from which to develop their coaching excellence.

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The Maximum Coaching Certified Coach Training Programme is designed to both meet the needs of organisations wishing to develop an internal coaching resource and give their coaches the option of being accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at ACC standard. It is written and designed by professionally trained and ICF accredited coaches to align with the ICF’s core competencies, standards and ethics. This comprehensive programme provides 60 hours of coach-specific training (56 hours’ direct interaction with the trainer and a minimum of 4 hours’ self-directed study).

During the eight-day face-to-face training, coaches learn the distinctions between coaching and other interventions, the importance of robust contracting and the impact of the ICF code of ethics on their coaching. The coaches are introduced to a range of coaching models, skills and techniques encompassing the eleven ICF core coaching competencies. Throughout the programme, regular reference is made to these competencies and the significance and role of each of the competencies in the coaching conversation. In addition to training internal coaches for off-line coaching relationships, we emphasise the benefits of a coaching approach to managing performance and improving staff engagement. We look at how coaching skills can be applied in the management of their own teams, helping staff work more effectively and develop their potential.

The self-directed study takes place through coaching circles with fellow participants. Coaches are required to complete a learning journal. These activities provide the chance for additional coaching skills practice, reflection and peer feedback.

The focus is on active learning involving group discussion, skills practice and practical exercises. Each module contains a minimum of two coaching skills practice sessions in which participants take the roles of coach, client and observer. This gives the aspiring coaches ample opportunity to observe coaching in action, practise the skills for themselves and get feedback on their use of those skills. These sessions are observed by accredited coaches and the feedback they give enables the participants to benchmark their progress and achieve clarity in what is required to demonstrate the necessary level of competence at ACC level.

The coaches’ development is regularly reviewed throughout the programme, as the process is all about supporting their development and their credentialing path within the ICF. At the end of the programme a final assessment of coaching skills is made against the ICF core competencies to determine whether the individual is ‘ready now’ to work as an internal coach. This provides organisations with quality assurance as coaches need to demonstrate competence at a minimum of ACC standard before starting a coaching relationship.

Learning objectives

This programme will help you:

  • Build on your current level of expertise and give you the additional knowledge, rigour and insight to do more of what you do well to become a truly inspired and inspiring coach
  • Further engage in your professional and personal development and experience the growth, insight and enhanced performance that can result from great coaching
  • Become equipped with the knowledge and skills to have successful coaching relationships
  • Enhance your ability as a line manager to get the best from your teams
  • Develop coaching competence and the self-confidence that you are indeed working with skill and integrity

This is an 8-day programme of 60 contact hours and is usually delivered in two- or three-day modules over a three- to four-month period. We cover a range of coaching models and no fewer than 12 key coaching skills. The training encompasses the 11 ICF core coaching competencies. In addition to coaching conversations we emphasise how to use coaching skills in other settings to help individuals manage and shift behaviours and to be more influential and engaging, particularly in times of significant change.

On successful completion of the 60 hours’ training, participants will be equipped to be fully fledged coaches within the organisation and will have sufficient training hours for ICF ACC accreditation. Participants will be awarded a certificate which they can use in support of their professional coaching qualification. They would be able to ‘go live’ within the business immediately, delivering coaching and supporting managers as they develop their coaching skills.

How we work with you

Whilst there is a set syllabus to follow, we will work with you to clarify the final design, adjusting the tone and the content, to meet any specific requirements you may have.

As part of the training we will also:

  • Help you set up coaching circles to support the skills development of the participants between coaching modules
  • Develop a set of internal coaching standards and ethics (based on ICF requirements) that are fit for purpose in your organisation
  • Train participants in obtaining and giving quality feedback to each other
  • Provide a certificate of recognition for previous training which ‘maps’ the course content of previous coach training against the ICF core competencies and can be used as part of the training portfolio
  • Provide advice and support on implementing an internal coaching cadre
  • Provide evaluation of the impact of the training and work with you to evaluate your return on investment

The expert trainer: Rosanne Bernard PCC

After a career as an HR Business Partner and management consultant in a number of organisations within the private and public sectors, Rosanne set up her own business in 2002 specialising in learning and development. She has many years’ experience coaching managers within organisations at all levels and also delivers coach training programmes, such as the Maximum Coaching ICF Certified Coach Training Programme and non-accredited training programmes on coaching skills for line managers. Read more

Coaching development programme summary

Module 1: Introduction to coaching (21 coach-specific training hours)

At the end of the three days participants will have:

  • Developed a clearer understanding of what coaching is and what it is not
  • Explored the ICF’s ethical guidelines and professional standards for coaching
  • Identified the key elements of contracting
  • Applied a coaching framework and the key coaching competencies to a coaching conversation
  • Benchmarked themselves against ICF’s ACC coaching standards and identified personal coaching development objectives
  • Delivered constructive feedback that allows peers to build on their strengths and recognise areas for development
  • Developed the confidence and foundation skills to start a coaching relationship
  • Started to develop a personal coach profile
Module 2: Building coaching skills (14 coach-specific training hours)

At the end of the two days participants will have:

  • Developed their ability to challenge with integrity
  • Explored potential ‘ethical dilemmas’ and have strategies to deal with them
  • Improved their ability to be present and flexible, choosing the most effective intervention in the moment
  • Understood the coaching implication of change and transition for clients
  • Recognised the importance of strong personal and organisational standards and boundaries
  • Developed their repertoire of coaching interventions
  • Drafted an action plan focused on achieving the ICF’s Associated Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation
  • Develop a draft for their own coaching approach
Module 3: Advanced coaching skills (14 coach-specific training hours)

At the end of the two days participants will have:

  • Developed confidence in working with strong emotions without becoming enmeshed
  • Improved their ability to challenge the client’s unhelpful assumptions and perspectives
  • Identified coaching interventions that encourage clients to take responsibility and be accountable for achieving agreed courses of action
  • Articulated their own values and needs and clarified the impact of these values and needs on them as a coach
  • A strategy for working productively with more challenging clients
  • Drafted a personal ‘coaching profile’
  • Increase their range of coaching interventions; creative techniques and use of metaphor
  • Drafted an action plan focused on achieving the ICF’s Associated Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation
  • Draft their ‘coaching profile’
Module 4: Coaching review and consolidation (7 coach-specific training hours)

The focus of the day is the validation exercise, an observed coaching session which will assess the readiness to work as an internal coach and at what level. In addition, participants will leave understanding:

  • What it means to be an ACC coach
  • Their readiness to work as an internal coach
  • What their strengths are
  • What skill areas they need to grow to be successful in passing the ACC exam
Self-directed learning (minimum 4 hours self directed learning or peer coaching sessions)

An opportunity to consolidate and integrate your learning through skills practice and reflection. Participants will be required to:

  • Reflect on their ‘formal’ coaching practice
  • Take part in peer coaching circles which give the opportunity for peer coaching and feedback
  • Complete a learning log, a reflection on your personal coaching journey
  • Complete their coaching profile which articulate ‘who they are’ as a coach

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