Advanced coaching skills training

Advanced coach training and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) days

We have a variety of advanced coach training days we can offer you, all of which we’ll work with you to develop into a CPD day to meet your specific needs. This may include helping prepare internal coaches for accreditation and the ICF oral examination.

Please note: All our training aligns with the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and each day gives you the opportunity for skills practice and feedback from an accredited coach.

The workshops outlined below provide a guide for the focus and content.

Since you will bring your own expertise, both as a coach and from your functional role, the final agenda for the day will be agreed at the beginning of the workshop. Delivering the day in this way allows us to take account of areas where you need less emphasis, and areas where you may want to spend most of your time focusing.

Coaching for change

This workshop explores the impact of change and transition on yourself as a coach and how you work more effectively with clients dealing with change. Read more

High performance coaching

Being non-directive, holding the client’s agenda and building rapport are foundations for effective coaching. But, if we are not willing to challenge our clients to think we miss the opportunity to facilitate their learning and improve their performance. We also risk colluding with our clients, helping them ‘play small’. This insightful one-day workshop will build your skills in helping your coaching clients discover new perceptions, thoughts and behaviours that strengthen their ability to achieve what is important to them, take courageous decisions and be accountable for achieving significant goals. Read more

Who am I as a coach?

This interactive workshop focuses on developing the ‘inner’ aspects of you as a coach. The programme will help you to understand how what you are experiencing influences your motivations, disposition, and ultimately your coaching delivery. You will be able to explore your thinking preferences and needs (using a profiling tool such as MBTI) and your social preferences and needs (using Shultz’s FIRO B: Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – Behaviour). We will look at how you get your needs met appropriately, allowing you to be a more resourceful coach. Read more

For a no-obligation discussion about any of our courses please just give us a call on 01582 714280.