Management team coaching

At Maximum Coaching we see management as ‘working in the business’, so our management team coaching is clearly focused on helping you meet current and emerging business needs and enhancing operational delivery.

Our coaches will work with your team to help achieve a level of performance and achievement that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in the same time frame.

We differ from other team interventions since:

  • We develop team capability and direction beyond what currently exists
  • We emphasise people and performance – how are we doing
  • Our coaches invest in themselves and are accountable
  • The role of our coaches is variable and depends on the need of the teams
  • Our coaches challenge direction and content
  • We focus on the specific needs of your team

Our model of delivery:

  • Is goal oriented
  • – Your coach will help you, as a team, to clarify what’s important to you, where you want to go and how you will get there

  • Requires action and accountability from all team members
  • – With your coaches support you will set the pace and decide what you want to start, stop and continue doing in order to move towards your goals. The actions specified can be undertaken by the team as a whole or individuals within that team. There needs to be a collective responsibility for ensuring actions happen and a willingness to be accountable.

  • Enables you to take ownership
  • – Your coach will work through challenges or issues that are important to the team, or individuals within the team, and focus on what you can do, say or think to positively impact your circumstances.


Learning objectives

This programme will help:

  • Develop clarity of purpose and a defined sense of direction for the team
  • Encourage a shared understanding of key objectives, deliverables, and the project priorities
  • Nurture the ability to ‘self-coach’ to support other team members in the achievement of goals
  • Improve collective performance through more effective work practices
  • Build trust between members and improve communication
  • Develop leadership and coaching capability

Our management team coaching is designed specifically for those working in teams that are involved in the delivery of complex or challenging projects, including teams who may be:

  • In transition, with people stepping up to new roles and feeling apprehensive about the challenge
  • Undertaking a complex change project and would like support in clarifying their next goals
  • Feeling overwhelmed, like there isn’t enough time in the day to achieve their goals
  • Genuinely ready to grow their overall team and leadership capabilities
  • Dealing with redundancies and organisational restructures

The programme starts with a conference call with your coach which aims to ensure there is a shared understanding of the team challenges, desired outcomes and success criteria. In addition your coach will clarify how you will work together and answer any questions team members may have.

There is an option of using relevant psychometrics such as FIRO B, MBTI or Belbin to give a better understanding of work styles and the interpersonal dynamic. If this is required, we can arrange for team members to complete the profiles before we start the coaching process and weave the feedback into the first session.

Programme outline

Session 1

In the first session we agree:

  • Our ‘coaching contract’
  • Your goals
  • What we need to achieve
  • The competencies we wish to develop
  • How we will work together

Your coach will clarify what ‘a coaching approach’ to working together looks like and will work with you to understand what you need to know and do to work in their way.

Sessions 2 and 3

Sessions two and three will focus on how the team is working to achieve their specific objectives. Here we apply a coaching approach as you work towards achieving key objectives.

Your coach will:

  • Support you with ‘real time coaching’ as the team addresses the relevant task for the session
  • Challenge you to reflect throughout the process and learn from what you are doing, and how you are doing it
  • Encourage you to give feedback to others and to reflect yourself.

These sessions are an opportunity to learn as a team what works well and how you can do more.


We will help your team to build the trust to effectively use a coaching approach when working together. At the end of the programme they will be able to give honest feedback, challenge appropriately and have a solution focus. In addition your team will have achieved:

  • Effective delivery of key business objectives
  • Improved performance through the ability to self-manage
  • Enhanced engagement and motivation
  • The ability to develop their own coaching and leadership capability

Our clients have also reported an increased sense of well-being and resilience. Their teams work as a cohesive and supportive group, individual members have reduced stress and are able to deal more effectively with the demands of tight delivery schedules and limited resources.

Our coaches

Our management team coaches are professionally accredited coaches who have a wealth of management experience. This equips them with a unique set of skills that allows them to understand the demands placed on managers, and to add value by using coaching skills through sharing their experience and expertise.


Our packages are flexible and we charge on a time basis so it’s not easy to give a definite price without talking through a new requirement with you first. As a guideline, however, think in terms of £1,075 per half-day team coaching session.

Next step?

Give us a call! Speak with Helen Nuttall on 01582 714280 in the first instance and she’ll be happy to put you in touch with one of our lead coaches. Then we can give you a specific, tailored, fully costed proposal for your consideration.