Leadership team coaching

The last decade has seen a rapid increase in the use of senior teams for top leadership and in the value placed on collaborative leadership.

This rise in using senior teams has not been matched by the ability of CEOs, functional heads and other leaders being able to make effective use of their teams.

Our leadership team coaching programme is an effective intervention to improve how senior leaders work collaboratively, as the focus is on how the team:

  • Collectively provides leadership to business
  • Engages staff
  • Influences key stakeholders

Unlike other interventions, such as team building or team facilitation, our programme works with the team as a whole, rather than individual members as a group, and looks at:

  • How team members work with each other (the intrapersonal element), and
  • How the team works with staff and stakeholders (the interpersonal element)
Learning objectives

This programme aims to encourage:

  • Clarity of purpose and a defined sense of direction for future organisation
  • Shared understanding of key objectives, deliverables, and the business priorities
  • The ability to ‘self-coach’ to support the achievement of individual and collective goals
  • Improved collective performance through enhanced decision-making
  • Increase in trust of the ‘collective’ leadership team by key stakeholders and staff
  • More effective engagement with key stakeholders

This programme is specifically designed for any team that provides leadership in the business, and who need to work together to deliver improvements in performance that affect delivery. It is particularly relevant for those involved in:

  • Setting the direction of the organisation or their business area
  • Transformational change
  • Improving operational effectiveness
  • Matrix and project teams

Or a new leadership team that needs to be operating effectively in a short timeframe.


As with any of our coaching interventions, the format in which this programme is delivered will depend entirely on your specific needs.

We will work with you, using an approach based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, and will address each element necessary to develop a well-functioning team:


The coaching process:

  • Starts with a focus on building trust, influencing the hidden dynamics so that they can be addressed and to allow the team to engage in constructive conflict
  • Moves to helping the leadership team take charge of their key functions, setting direction, creating alignment, building capability and engaging staff to deliver
  • Is usually delivered over a six- to nine-month period with 2½ hour team sessions at four- to six-week intervals.


Pre-leadership team coaching diagnostic

This can include:

  • An initial 45 minute ‘diagnostic’ telephone session, or face-to-face meeting, with each member of the leadership team to determine individual and executive team developmental issues, desired outcomes and success criteria
  • Observing the team
  • Relevant psychometrics, for example, FIRO B, MBTI team mapping, individual or team 360° feedback


Session 1
  • Establishing the group objectives
  • How we work together, where we are and where we need to be
  • Using a coaching approach with each other


Sessions 2-5

The focus of each session will depend on the team objectives. Whilst we will look at achieving outcomes, the ‘team’ coaching will also look at how we work collectively and how we work with each other, the intra and interpersonal dynamics.

Types of issues covered include:

  • Running and transforming the business
  • Relationship with key stakeholders and boards
  • How the team works as a collaborative leadership group
  • How to improve collective performance and work together
  • More effective engagement with stakeholders
  • How the team acts when they are together and when they are apart


Session 6

The final session is a review and evaluation:

  • What is our key learning and how will we take this forward?
  • What are our key achievements and how do we create sustainability?
  • What do we need to have in place to be a ‘self-coaching team’?



The leadership team will become ‘self-coaching’, with no further need for external coaching support. They will be able to cover the coaching roles and have the mechanisms in place for receiving and acting on feedback to sustain a high-performing, continual learning team. In addition, the team will have achieved:

  • Improved delivery for the business
  • Improved performance and function as a collaborative team
  • Enhanced engagement and motivation
  • Personal and professional development objectives

Our clients have also reported an increased sense of well-being and resilience. We have helped their teams work as a cohesive and supportive group, have reduced stress for individual members and have enabled them to deal more effectively with complexity and ambiguity.

Our coaches

Our coaches are professionally accredited coaches who are experienced in working with groups. They have a track record of gaining the trust of intelligent, challenging leaders and enabling senior management to realise their collective potential.


Our packages are flexible and we charge on a time basis so it’s not easy to give a definite price without talking through a new requirement with you first. As a guideline, however, think in terms of £1,075 per half-day team coaching session.

Next step?

Give us a call! Speak with Helen Nuttall on 01582 714280 in the first instance and she’ll be happy to put you in touch with one of our lead coaches. Then we can give you a specific, tailored, fully costed proposal for your consideration.