The 2012 CIPD Annual Survey report identified business coaching as one of the three best tools for effective learning and development. Leading research into the benefits of coaching has shown that it has an unparalleled impact on:


  • Fewer ‘human’ errors and less time spent correcting work and/or mitigating the effects of incorrect actions
  • A decrease in managerial time required to monitor and check team members’ work due to increased confidence in the individuals’ performance

Confidence and motivation

  • Staff more proactive as their confidence levels increase
  • Improved motivation due to levels of support provided
  • More confident and effective team leadership demonstrated

Behaviour change

  • Re-engagement with role and organisation
  • Greater clarity and perspective
  • Increased proactivity and capacity for addressing issues
  • More effective management of challenging people
  • Greater awareness of career options and choices


  • Improved employee engagement scores
  • Organisational values are better embedded
  • Benefits for team members, such as improved relationships, promotion, greater responsibility and new roles

At an individual level, however, our one-to-one business coaching can help you in a variety of ways, depending on your situation, eg, if you are:

  • Moving to a new role or grade
  • Grappling with a specific development need, eg, to:
  • – Develop better influencing skills
    – Improve resilience
    – Enhance your personal credibility
    – Deal with change

  • Thinking about your next career steps
  • Making a work-related decision
  • Having to have a difficult conversation
  • Managing multiple priorities
  • Managing upwards
  • Struggling with work/life balance

If you are a line manager, coaching is particularly relevant for the following challenges:

  • Carrying out an appraisal or recruitment process for the first time
  • Motivating and engaging your team
  • Managing remotely or in a matrix structure
  • Delegating effectively
  • Having courageous conversations and delivering bad news
  • Managing performance issues, including tackling underperformance
  • Developing team members and succession planning

Our business coaching programme is perfect for line or project managers. The programme helps them to focus on achieving business outcomes that make maximum use of their skills and abilities whilst developing new capabilities.

It is also ideal in tackling particular issues that you might like to explore in a safe learning environment, such as deciding your next career step.


Occasionally a one-off ‘ad hoc’ session is all that is required. More commonly, a coach would work with you over a series of 3 to 6 sessions focusing on particular development needs or business challenges. The series of meetings, their length, frequency and venue is mutually arranged with your coach. These sessions can be face-to-face or telephone-based or a combination of the two. Our coaches are available across the UK (and, indeed, internationally).

‘On demand’ coaching

We offer a number of ways of working with your organisation to meet the immediate needs of your managers:

‘Drop in’ coaching

Drop in coaching is a fantastic opportunity to access a professional coach from Maximum Coaching who can deal with an immediate challenge or issue you are facing.

One of our coaches will come into your business for the day and offer four to six, 60 minute invaluable ‘drop in’ coaching sessions to a selection of staff. These popular sessions are particularly useful for managers or staff who are about to:

  • Take part in a challenging appraisal
  • Delivering a difficult message
  • Make an important decision
  • To influence upwards
  • Deliver a presentation

Just-in-time coaching

With just-in-time coaching we provide the opportunity to invest in a solution that combines both:

  • The advantages of an on going coaching relationship, with
  • The need to provide immediate support to deal with critical issues and key decisions

We offer a series of three flexible, 30 minute telephone sessions which can be used by the individual as and when required. This approach is extremely useful for individuals dealing with:

  • Challenging individuals
  • Multiple priorities
  • Change and transition
  • Organisational restructures


The positive feedback and evaluation from all our coaching clients has shown that they have not only achieved their coaching objectives but excelled. We have helped our clients not only increase their ability to manage teams and deliver business objectives but:

  • Improve their ability to manage workload and prioritise
  • Deal robustly with under-performance
  • Keep teams motivated and engaged through periods of transition and organisational restructure

We have a strong track record of success in working with clients looking to transition to a new role. All our clients who came to coaching with this objective have successfully been promoted or transitioned to a more satisfying role.

We have also provided coaching support to managers involved in organisation change and restructures, dealing with redundancy issues for themselves and their teams.

Group coaching

With our group coaching offer we work together with individuals from different teams that share the same issue. This approach has proved incredibly useful when these groups are dealing with issues such as:

  • Organisational restructures
  • Low staff engagement
  • Redundancy programme
  • High absenteeism
  • Changing organisational priorities
  • Shifting objectives and cooperative targets
  • Challenges of project implementations

We offer 2.5 hour group coaching sessions for groups of 4 to 8 people. Each session gives an opportunity to explore issues and develop output using coaching skills at both an inter and intra personal level.

Case study: How Coaching on Demand works in Practice

Our brief

Organisation X had managers based in 8 locations across the UK, and wanted a cost-effective method for one-to-one coaching for a number of managers involved in the successful delivery of an IT transformation programme.

The challenges were:

  • Three managers wanted 3 to 4 coaching sessions to help them deal with under performing team members and their own resilience levels
  • All managers were dealing with having to re prioritise work, tight delivery deadlines and negativity
  • Several managers wanted the option of a one off session to help them deal with business critical decisions as they arose
  • Individuals were available on different days and so it was not realistic to take any more than six project leads out of the business at any one time

What we delivered:

We met with the Head of OD to understand the need and identify the best approach. The organisation commissioned 6 on demand coaching days which meant that:

  • We were in the business for 4 days
  • The 3 managers who wanted a series of coaching sessions had an assigned slot on 3 of the 5 days we were in the business. This gave them enough flexibility to book their sessions
  • We ran 2, half day group sessions in the afternoons on 2 of the days
  • The rest of the time was given to ad hoc coaching slots
  • 12 hours were used for ‘on demand’ telephone coaching which managers were able to book with 24 hours notice

What our clients have said

‘Following some very positive referrals from Senior Managers and Directors in my organisation, I approached Elizabeth to provide me with some coaching around managing change in an uncertain, unstable environment and thinking about my next professional step. Elizabeth’s approach was structured, well-planned and used time efficiently. She delivered positive and development messages well, with the appropriate level of emotion to ensure the messages were well received and accepted. She also used a number of analytical tools that helped cement the learnings and observations. These tools have helped me in my personal development and in achieving a secondment to further my career.’

– S.M. Finance Business Partner, Non-Departmental Government Body

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