Maximum Coaching’s Certified coach training programme – 2020-21

Do you want to take your coaching to the next level?

Train with an outstanding coaching team led by Rosanne Bernard PCC, build your professional coaching career, work towards your coaching credential with the internationally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF) and have the option of picking up the ILM Level 7 qualification along the way.

After successfully completing Maximum Coaching’s Certified Coach Training Programme, and completing the necessary post-training coaching hours, you will be able to apply for and achieve the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) qualification.

This programme is approved by the ICF for 60 hours of coach specific training.

Check us out on the ICF website approved training providers list HERE.

Is the ACC qualification the right one for you? Ask Rosanne – call 01582 714280 today.

If you’re thinking about ICF certification, we now have three options for you:

  1. An open course in London: two ‘intakes’ a year, in Autumn and Spring
  2. An open course in London, commencing next February
  3. An in-house programme, held on your premises, any time to suit you.

Jenny Rogers’ Coaching Skills Handbook will also be given out to each participant on the programme free of charge.

View our online booklet!


ICF booklet cover 2020

Or download a printer-friendly version of the interactive booklet’s content HERE.

Spring 2020 programme dates

25-26 February 2020

23-24 March 2020

28-29 April 2020

2-3 June 2020

16 July 2020

22 September 2020

Autumn 2020 programme dates

14-15 October 2020

25-26 November 2020

12-13 January 2021

23-24 February 2021

25 March 2021

8 June 2021


Our comprehensive programme gives you the knowledge, skills and experience to enable you to build the type of coaching relationships that deliver real value to your clients.

At the end of your training you will discover ‘who you are as a coach’ and have the confidence to develop your practice in a way that aligns with your style, skills and experience.

Our expert coaching programme gives you 60 hours of coach-specific training, made up of:

  • 56 hours classroom time with the trainer
  • 4 hours self-directed study

And 10 hours coach mentoring, made up of:

  • 7 hours group coach mentoring
  • 3 hours one-to-one coach mentoring

And a recommendation of a minimum of 12 hours coaching with at least two volunteer clients.

During the eight days of training, you will:

  • Learn the distinction between coaching and other interventions
  • Appreciate the importance of robust contacting and the impact of the ICF Code of Ethics on your coaching
  • Be introduced to a range of coaching models, skills and techniques encompassing the eleven ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Discover how to apply professional coaching skills to develop your own coaching style

Participants will also receive a copy each of Coaching Skills: A Handbook (Fourth Edition) by Jenny Rogers.


Price and how to book

  • ‘Early bird’ = £2,995 + VAT (for bookings received by 20 December 2019 for the Spring intake and 14 August 2020 for the Autumn intake)
  • Full rate = £3,995 + VAT
  • Plus (optional) £795 + the ILM candidate fee of £183 + VAT for the ILM Level 7 qualification (We also offer flexible payment plans for self-funded candidates. Please call for further details).
  • If you would like to book a complimentary one-to-one consultation with Rosanne Bernard to discuss whether a coaching qualification would be a good fit for you, please call Helen Nuttall on 01582 714280.
Module 1

(2 days)
Establishing the coaching relationship and introducing a range of coaching models, skills and techniques that encompass the 11 ICF Core Competencies:

  • Develop a clearer understanding of what coaching is and what it is not
  • Explore the ICF’s ethical guidelines and professional standards for coaching
  • Identify the key elements of contracting
  • Apply a coaching framework and the key coaching competencies to a coaching conversation
  • Benchmark yourself against the ICF’s ACC coaching standards and identified personal coaching development objectives
  • Deliver constructive feedback that allows peers to build on their strengths and recognise areas for development
  • Have the confidence and foundation skills to start a coaching relationship

A minimum of 12 hours coaching
with at least two volunteer clients (throughout programme)

Module 2

(2 days)
Building coaching competence, challenging with integrity and using your intuition. Looking in more detail at ethics, standards and boundaries and their impact on the coach, client and coaching relationship:

  • Develop your ability to challenge with integrity
  • Explore potential ‘ethical dilemmas’ and develop strategies to deal with them
  • Improve your ability to be fully present and choose the most effective intervention in the moment
  • Recognise the importance of strong personal standards and boundaries
  • Develop your repertoire of coaching interventions
  • Develop your own coaching framework


Module 3

(2 days)
This focuses on transformational coaching: how we support clients in creating sustainable change. It’s about working with their inner world, dealing with emotions, and encouraging them to challenge their assumptions, beliefs and behaviours in order to engage in a different way with current and future challenges.

We will also explore ‘who you are as a coach’ as you gain greater clarity on your unique approach and start to integrate your learning. There will also be the opportunity to build your coaching toolkit by exploring some creative coaching techniques:

  • Develop confidence in working with strong emotions without becoming enmeshed
  • Assess your client’s ‘readiness for change’ and identify coaching interventions that will move them forward
  • Improve your ability to challenge clients’ unhelpful assumptions, perspectives and behaviours
  • Increase your range of coaching interventions to help your clients gain and integrate new awareness to help them achieve their desired outcomes


Module 4

(2 days)
The first day of this module will be an opportunity to think about the impact of your values and needs on how you coach. We will also review and consolidate your learning in preparation for the skills benchmarking against the ICF Core Competencies. The second day will be a skills benchmarking exercise. It will be an opportunity to demonstrate evidence of the ICF Core Competencies against the ACC criteria in a live coaching session. Your feedback report from this day will provide the foundation for a development plan to support your ongoing learning journey.

(½ day webinar)

(½ day webinar)

Three one-hour sessions with an ICF coach mentor held on the telephone / Skype; to be arranged individually.

Your programme director

Rosanne Bernard

ROSANNE BERNARD PCC is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator with substantial experience gained across the public, private and VCSE sectors. She has many years’ experience coaching managers within organisations at all levels and also delivers coach training programmes, such as our ICF Certified Coach Training Programme and our non-accredited training programmes on coaching skills for line managers.

One of our most experienced and popular trainers, Rosanne is particularly well qualified to deliver this programme, having been through it herself when it was delivered by Elizabeth Crosse MCC. Rosanne now delivers all the workshop sessions, while Elizabeth runs the one-to-one and group coach mentoring sessions, and leads the skills benchmarking exercise during module 4.

For Rosanne, coaching is a creative and explorative process and very much a journey of self-discovery. This philosophy underpins her approach to eleading this programme too, making it a particularly rich and fulfilling experience for all participants.

How it works


Each module contains a minimum of two coaching skills practice sessions where you will take the role of coach, client and observer. You’ll have ample opportunity to observe coaching in action, practise and get feedback on your use of these skills. These sessions are observed by credentialled coaches and this feedback enables you to benchmark your progress in demonstrating the required level of competence at ACC level.

The focus is on active learning, involving group discussion, skills practice and practical exercises, and is split over:

  • 4 separate modules
  • 2 group coach mentoring sessions
  • 3 one-to-one coach mentoring sessions and
  • a minimum of 12 hours coaching with at least two volunteer clients

Self-directed study takes place with fellow participants, and you are advised to keep a learning journal. These activities provide the chance for additional coaching skills practice, reflection and peer feedback.

You will be required to complete 12 hours coaching with a minimum of 2 clients over the duration of the programme. These may be your own clients or individuals from our partner organisations who are looking for a coach.

Achieving your ICF ACC qualification

You can be assured that we will work with you to get you in the best possible position to achieve your credential. And our coaches will be on hand to offer advice and guidance throughout your training.

Our programme is designed to meet your needs if you are committed to developing as a coach and would like the option of being credentialled by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at ACC standard. It is written and designed by professionally trained and ICF credentialled coaches to align with the ICF’s Core Competencies, standards and ethics. Your progress will be regularly reviewed throughout the programme to facilitate your learning, and support your development and credentialling path in line with ICF requirements.


Location and timings

All modules will be held at the British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS – a ten minute stroll from Oxford Circus / Great Portland Street tube stations.

Registration and coffee will be from 9.00 onwards. The days will run from 9:30 to 17:00.


Price and how to book

  • ‘Early bird’ = £2,995 + VAT (for bookings received by 20 December 2019 for the Spring intake and 14 August 2020 for the Autumn intake)
  • Full rate = £3,995 + VAT
  • Plus (optional) £795 + the ILM candidate fee of £183 + VAT for the ILM Level 7 qualification (We also offer flexible payment plans for self-funded candidates. Please call for further details).
  • If you would like to book a complimentary one-to-one consultation with Rosanne Bernard to discuss whether a coaching qualification would be a good fit for you, please call Helen Nuttall on 01582 714280.

To book, please complete the appropriate form at the bottom of this page and email it to


Why compromise? Do both!

Our programme, delivered by Rosanne Bernard, prepares you for the ICF Associate Certified Coach credential. But we also offer ILM coaching qualifications, delivered by Charlie Warshawski of Love Your Coaching, an approved ILM centre. This means that we can offer participants on Rosanne’s programme the opportunity to have a separate assessment with Charlie and thereby achieve the ILM Level 7 qualification in Coaching and Mentoring without having to have any extra training days. We are the only provider offering this opportunity.

This is an accreditation-only pathway for the ILM qualification, only open to people who have been on Rosanne’s programme. The benchmark is that you are already coaching to a good enough standard to pass the ILM programme. This means that Love Your Coaching won’t be assessing your coaching level, as they are confident in our rigorous process. You simply have to complete three assignments – an essay, a coaching log and a reflective piece on your coaching skills – to secure the nationally recognised ILM qualification while you carry on building up your hours for your ICF credential.

And the cost of the ILM Level 7 qualification when done this way? An additional £795 plus the ILM candidate fee (currently £183, which we administer on your behalf) plus VAT. You can sign up for the ILM ‘top-up’ at any stage – when you book on the ICF programme or within 6 months of completing it.

The in-house programme

We also run this programme on an in-house basis – the ideal option if you’ve got a group of 6 or more people seeking the ACC credential.

The programme follows the same ICF-approved syllabus, although we can adjust the tone, the content and the delivery format to meet any specific requirements you may have. This makes it suitable for the wide range of organisations for whom we have delivered it on this basis, from local authorities to investment banks.

To complement an in-house programme we can also:

  • Help you set up coaching circles to support the skills development of the participants between coaching modules
  • Develop a set of internal coaching standards and ethics (based on ICF requirements) that are fit for purpose in your organisation
  • Train participants in obtaining and giving quality feedback to each other
  • Provide a certificate of recognition for previous training which ‘maps’ the course content of previous coach training against the ICF core competencies and which can be used as part of the training portfolio
  • Provide advice and support on establishing or developing an internal coaching cadre
  • Provide evaluation of the impact of the training and work with you to evaluate your return on investment

To explore this option, call us now on 01582 714280.


Previous participants on the open programme have come from the following organisations, amongst others:

Acacia Coaching and Development • Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust • Home Office • Stride Treglown • Vielife • • Nomad Foods • Verizon • Shell • Birmingham Women’s & Children’s NHS FT • BAM Nuttall • ICSA • Grundon Waste Management • Black Rock Sports • Parenting for Professionals • The Argyll Club • Deutsche Bank • British Council • Angel Trains Limited • Amey • Ocado • West Midlands Police • Subsea 7 • Société Générale • Butterfield Private Bank • Superdrug • Housing Solutions • University of Southampton • Westminster Abbey • Inverclyde Leisure • Hackney Council • London Business School • Fortem • Big Lottery Fund • Intersystems • Ascot • Coty • All Leisure Holidays • LBF Coaching & Consulting • Winning Edge (UK) Ltd • Unlocking People Potential Limited • BNP Paribas

And here is what they’ve said about it:

‘I have left absolutely wanting to embrace my learning and wanting to become the best coach I can be. Every day on the course challenged me to do things I would not normally do – I felt invigorated!’

I loved both of the group webinars. A great way to introduce the idea of using platforms such as Zoom or Skype for coaching sessions.’

‘I was fortunate to be on a coaching course with Maximum Coaching that covered a broad and challenging curriculum aligned with the ICF Coaching Competencies. I worked to gain my own coaching experience with a variety of clients. A programme of group and 1-2-1 coach mentoring wove these two learning threads together in a manner that made them greater than the sum of their parts. The discussion in these sessions encouraged a deeper consideration of my coaching practice by viewing it from the diverse perspectives of my group and our coach mentor. As a consequence, my preparation, delivery, and review of coaching has become more sophisticated and coach mentoring definitely helped in my preparation for ICF accreditation.’

Above and beyond my expectations. I have learned an enormous amount and feel inducted into a very interesting world.’

‘[The] coach mentoring sessions have helped me to hold a mirror up to myself as a coach and challenge what I see, consistently increasing my awareness and self-knowledge. In particular they have helped me to understand who I am as a coach, how I move beyond the problem to work with the person, and how my natural role in the drama triangle can influence my position as a coach – these reflections have persisted beyond the mentoring sessions to deepen my everyday practice, with noticeable results. I have grown as a coach and in other aspects of my professional life as a result of these sessions. It’s a lifelong journey and this has been an insightful beginning.’

‘I am very eager to put into practice what I have learned’

‘I really appreciate the follow-on mentoring and the support to carry on the journey to [my credential] with the ICF’

An excellent and extremely well-delivered programme that enabled me to quickly develop my understanding and delivery of value-adding coaching practices. I found the blend of classroom-based, content rich, presentations and practical skills practice an effective way to learn and an approach that allowed me to develop an effective coaching style in a timely and cost effective manner. Highly recommended.’

‘The programme content was clear and followed a logical sequence. I enjoyed the ‘pace’ and experiential inputs from the tutors’

‘The level of challenge was high through the coaching practice and feedback given, but matched by a high level of support and a safe environment

‘I enjoyed the approach of covering theory in the morning and using the afternoons for practice sessions and feedback’

How to book (booking form)

How to book

Just complete and return the relevant booking form and we’ll send you an invoice or VAT receipt as appropriate:

Spring 2020 booking form

Autumn 2020 booking form

Give us a call on 01582 714280 to talk through how our approach might work for you.