Internal coaching – is it right for your organisation?

Internal coaching – is it right for your organisation?

Internal coaching – is it right for your organisation?

Article written by Elizabeth Crosse and Katherine St John-Brooks

The Ridler report 2013 found that:

  • 79% of organisations expect to see an increase in internal coaching in the next three years
  • 44% of organisations view internal coaching as better value for money than external
  • Internal coaching provision is seen as a complex but worthwhile endeavour

Setting up cohorts of internal coaches is becoming increasingly popular in large organisation. In addition to saving money on external coaches it’s a key means of supporting the development of a coaching culture, encouraging managers to use a coaching style in leading their teams and influencing others.

However, is there the risk your internal coach endeavour can turn into a costly white elephant?

For example, have you lost count of the times when there have been nods round the room when you’ve talked about the challenges for internal coaches who don’t have enough clients?

How internal coaching can fail

Organisations can often invest tens of thousands of pounds in training staff to become coaches. However, more often than not the coaches then find themselves, ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ for two main reasons:

  • there has not been a clear strategic purpose for initiative and
  • the rest of the organisation has not ‘bought into’ an internal coaching resource

There’s nothing more demoralising for a coach than to have successfully completed their training and then not having any clients to use their new-found skills on. They begin to feel deskilled, lose confidence and any investment made in them begins to go down the drain.

Is internal coaching the right fit for you?

Failing to match supply and demand is just one example of how organisations can sabotage the effectiveness of their internal coaching strategy. On the flip side there are a host of benefits in getting it right. Managers who are trained to be internal coaches learn to challenge their own leadership capabilities, feel valued, accountable and responsible for progress within the business. And the return on investment can be phenomenal. How then, can your organisation plan to get it right?

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