Gameplay and other non-traditional recruitment methods

Gameplay and other non-traditional recruitment methods

Gameplay and other non-traditional recruitment methods

Gamification the new recruitment technique trend?

Gamification maybe not your first choice as a method to short list candidates, but using games for recruitment is one of the top 10 HR technology trends by the Society of Human Resource Management for 2014.

We read a great article this week from Paul Keijzer, CEO and Managing Partner of Engage Consultancy on using non-traditional interview methods.

Paul makes a great point.

In a world where there is so much information out there on how to conquer interviews, smart people have more or less worked out how to tackle even the most challenging questions.

So it’s frustrating, as a recruiter, when you ask questions and get answers which the candidate believes you want to hear rather than the truth you’d really like.

Add some non-traditional recruitment methods into the mix

What to do? Paul recommends throwing into the mix a few non-traditional methods, each will give you different information to weigh up in the mix.

And you don’t have to jump into a full blown game to get in on the act…

‘Consider doing the following activities to make the process more fun (and fruitful) for everyone:

  1. Give people points for visiting your company website, more for the recruitment section.
  2. Launch competitions using social media to encourage marketing skills. L’Oreal does a brilliant job with their Brandstorm campaign which actually converts ideas into products.
  3. Use virtual worlds such as Second Life to hold virtual Job Fairs. If KPMG and IBM have experimented with this, you can too – especially if you’re recruiting the younger generation.’

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