Tracking Success – taster session

Friday 29 January 2021

Looking for a new approach to leadership and team development?

Then look no further!

‘Tracking Success’ is a virtual adventure for developing leaders and teams across the world.

It combines lessons from ancient bushcraft with modern leadership thinking to deliver a memorable, transformative learning experience, using an interactive documentary.

This is your opportunity to find out what it’s all about. Let us transport you to the veldt!


In a highly interactive Zoom session, Grant Ashfield (Managing Director of LeadershipWorks, the South African leadership consultancy behind the concept) explains:

  • What’s an interactive documentary?
  • Why tracking?
  • Taster session 1 – you’re with a conservation team on a wildlife reserve. You need to check up on a mother rhino and her calf. They’ve not been seen for a few days. We’ve picked up their trail but there’s a decision to make before we find them – can you make the right decision?
  • Campfire conversation – lessons learned about decision-making, logic, listening and negotiation
  • Taster session 2 – we’re following the tracks of the mother rhino and her calf but it’s hard going and time is running out. All of a sudden we come across the fresh tracks of a big male lion. Do we stay on the original goal or do we switch to this new opportunity?
  • Campfire conversation – lessons learned from about leadership, teamwork, goal-setting and focus in a complex and dynamic environment
  • Great fun – but how does it translate to the work environment?
  • And how could you use it within your organisation – what are the logistics?

This session’s entirely free of charge – and you’re invited!


  • If you’re looking for a new approach to leadership development – this is for you
  • If you’re looking for a way of bringing a virtual corporate event, sales conference, ‘away-day’ to life – this is for you
  • If you’re looking to introduce a fresh perspective, some diversity into your L&D offering – this is for you
  • If you’re after genuine leadership insight – this is for you
  • If you want to revitalise your team – this is for you
  • If you’re looking for something new for 2021 – this is definitely for you


  • Friday 29 January.
  • 11 am.
  • For 90 minutes.


Anyone with responsibility for L&D.

And any leader who wants to guide their team to an even more successful future.



Free registration

This session is completely free of charge – just make sure you book well in advance to get the ‘joining instructions’ and to be sure of a place. The session will be held on Zoom, so remember to look out for the secure password we will email you the day before.

Having booked, please don’t forget to attend – the session will not be recorded, so make sure you add it to your calendar now.

Can’t wait?

If you’ve got a requirement coming up for which Tracking Success might be a solution but you can’t wait until 29 January – don’t worry. Just give us a call on +44(0)1582 463460 and we’ll put you in touch directly with Grant for a no obligation phone call.