Webinar accessibility

Open sessions

To avoid any potential issues around confidentiality, GDPR, and copyright – and in the interests of free and open discussion – we do not record our ‘open’ sessions, nor do we share the slides. For most of the sessions, however, at the end of the session we email all the participants a short PDF summarising the key learning points.


Client sessions

Again, we do not record the live sessions.

But you may have a number of people who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a scheduled live session. In such cases we generally make a separate ‘on demand’ recording, to be hosted on your LMS / intranet system and to remain there for three months. This seems a long enough period to address accessibility issues in relation to live deliveries.

The ‘on demand’ version is shorter but can still be interactive, eg, participants are told to pause the video, complete a task and return to the video. A PDF download is also provided, summarising the key learning points, including key graphics and models as well as further reading suggestions (or, if you prefer, signposts to other internal resources).

Any questions? Just give us a call to talk them through. We’re here to help!