Joshua Roche

Josh is a speech & communications coach who uses his skills as a professional theatre director to help people maximise their personal impact.

Josh has spent 11 years as a directing theatre at the highest level, working regularly in London’s West End with companies like The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Young Vic, Shakespeare’s Globe, Audible, BBC Arts and many more. He also regularly directs and teaches for the country’s leading drama schools, including RADA, The Royal Welsh College, Oxford School of Drama, and others.

Drawing on this experience, Josh provides expert speech and communications coaching for anyone looking to increase their personal impact. Public speaking is a terrifying prospect to most people. Feelings of embarrassment, insecurity and awkwardness hamper people in their attempt to be heard. The good news is that most acting practice is about eroding these feelings of self-consciousness, so that you can focus exclusively on what it is you’re trying to say.

Josh uses these lessons from the rehearsal room to offer a service that clears away the clutter, providing a set of approachable, easy tools that allow you to speak with clarity and confidence. His coaching is not just applicable to conference speeches or large halls, but also to anyone looking to lead a team or inspire those around them. Sessions are available as 1-2-1s, for a team of 3-5, or for larger groups across a whole day.

Key areas of expertise

  • Confidence coaching
  • Script / message development
  • Public speaking confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership training
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Performance training
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Voice coaching

Career highlights

Josh has worked for 11 years as an award-winning theatre director, working with Erin Doherty (the Crown) at the Young Vic, and directing Audible UK’s first theatrical production in the UK (Radio). He has worked with the likes of Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Mark Rylance, and others.

Since setting up in this way he has worked with numerous C-suite executives looking to develop their speech and communications techniques, usually within the British tech sector. These sessions have focused on a wide range of different issues; clarity in messaging, confidence in conference speaking, how to separate yourself from your slide deck, how to come across as inspirational and purposeful, and much more besides.


Josh is based in South London but works across the country.

Give us a call on 01582 463460 to talk through which UK facilitator(s) would be best for you.