Johanna Hooper

Johanna is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach. She specialises in helping leaders build high performing teams and understand their own ‘leadership shadow’ and its impact on those around them. She has helped numerous organisations, across a range of sectors, to improve their performance through a range of interventions covering mediation, leadership/management development, team development and executive 1:1 coaching.

Formerly a Management Consultant with PA Consulting, and a Commander in the Royal Navy, Johanna brings together an impressive blend of real life leadership experience, strategic workforce consultancy and hundreds of hours of coaching and mentoring.  The words Johanna’s clients use to describe her are: knowledgeable; insightful; perceptive; thoughtful; professional; and fun!

Johanna’s clients span a variety of sectors and businesses, both large and small.  She is currently actively working with: a defence industry provider; a small architecture firm; a location management business; a private school; and senior leaders in the NHS.  What they all have in common is addressing people performance issues through development of their leadership and management practices and behaviours.

Over the years, Johanna has facilitated dozens of workshops; many have been for just one client but many have been for multi-company/multi-agency audiences where overcoming competition and suspicion has been the first order of the day in order to get on with the work.  This is where Johanna’s coaching and mediation expertise can be particularly helpful!  Her perception, intuition and visual acuity have meant that she can often head off conflict before it emerges.

Johanna is a proud TEDx speaker and regularly holds talks and webinars on her favourite topics of resilience and leadership.  If you look back in her portfolio of certificates, you’ll find a Gold Medal in the Speaking of Verse and Prose from LAMDA. She definitely draws on this more ‘theatrical’ aspect of her training to keep her workshops highly engaging.

Johanna’s academic and professional qualifications include two Defence-related Master’s Degrees, an ILM Level 7 Master Practitioner Coaching and Mentoring Certificate, a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management and an Academy of Executive Coaching Systemic Team Coaching Certificate.  Johanna is also a CMI Chartered Manager, a CMC Registered Mediator and accredited at Senior Practitioner Level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).


See what people have said about Johanna’s workshops, webinars and coaching:

  • ‘Very interesting and engaging delivery by Johanna, pitched at a level that everyone in the room could understand regardless of experience’
  • ‘I found this a brilliant and inspiring session. I got so much from this!’
  • ‘You’ve set the bar in terms of workshop facilitation’
  • ‘I thoroughly enjoyed listening to [Johanna] during these sessions, finding her incredibly engaging, She really got people thinking deeply.’
  • ‘She got me to think in an enlightening and alternative way which was incredibly helpful personally and professionally’


Johanna is based near Portsmouth and works across the country.

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