Dr. Adrienne Green

Adrienne practised for many years as a psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor within both private and NHS mental health care services.

In particular, she worked with people suffering with severe stress, anxiety and depression, and in 2005 published her first book, Out of the Blue: A Practical Guide to Overcoming and Preventing Depression.

In 2006, she established her own consultancy with John Humphrey (her co-author for her second book, Coaching for Resilience: A Practical Guide to Using Positive Psychology, 2012, Kogan Page), and since then has worked as a coach, consultant and trainer within both private and public sector organisations, including local authorities, schools and the NHS.

As a consultant/coach/trainer Adrienne specialises in workplace psychology and employee well-being, with a focus on mental health issues, stress management, resilience, communication skills and conflict management.

Throughout her working life Adrienne has seen the worst effects of stress and depression, and is passionate about enabling people to maintain their mental health in challenging times.

Feedback from participants in some of Adrienne’s programmes:

  • Adrienne was exceptional in terms of bringing the content to life. Giving participants options is powerful.  Brilliant and lots to read up on.
  • Interesting, engaging, knowledgeable, informative.
  • Great knowledge and approach.
  • Very knowledgeable, engaging manner.
  • Knowledgeable and good use of examples and perspective.
  • Very knowledgeable.
  • It has made me challenge my outlook in a way that I can honestly say I have never had the tools to do before, despite reading numerous books on the subject.
  • All very valuable, best course I’ve been on – will definitely help me at home and work.

Adrienne is based in Lancaster.

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