Rosie Bedford

Rosie is an enthusiastic and experienced trainer, facilitator and coach with a passion for developing people in the corporate environment to be the best they can be. She is on a personal mission to empower others to have a positive mindset and to become exceptional communicators with heightened self-awareness and improved mental health.

Having worked in the corporate sector herself for over ten years in senior level sales, partnerships and client facing roles in the digital industry, Rosie has first-hand experience of the importance of employee engagement and understands the value of nurturing teams whilst offering continuous professional development.

A trained actress from a top UK drama school, Rosie enjoys incorporating playful theatre-based techniques into her interactive and engaging training workshops. She has recently delivered presentation, improvisation, communication and well-being sessions to various clients including Accenture, Virgin, Catch 22, Café Football, Pen Partnerships, Agenda 21 and many more.

Rosie is a huge advocate of workplace well-being, and applies person-centered therapy techniques to her work. She has qualified in both Level 2 and 3 of person-centered therapy via the BACP and practices in both group and one-to-one settings.

In addition to structured development programmes, Rosie has delivered numerous ad hoc interventions recently, including sessions on:

  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Improvisation for agile workforces
  • Sales training skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness training for work
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Harnessing positive energy in the workplace
  • Self-awareness for tighter team cohesion
  • Movement for calm
  • Storytelling


‘The introduction to mindfulness was engaging, eye-opening and allowed each person to come away with some practical tools to implement in their daily lives, no matter where they were on their journey in mindfulness. It gave us an opportunity to take some time out as a team during a very busy period, to reconnect and to have a sense of renewed energy and motivation. Rosie was an excellent trainer and facilitator, making everyone feel at ease to share their thoughts. I would highly recommend this course to any company that wants to ensure they have a cohesive, effective and healthy team.’ Joanna Deagle – CEO Cafe Football


Rosie is based in London.

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