Rachel Coleman

Rachel is a highly regarded training and HR professional. Her degree in Sociology (with Psychology) and her foundation in HR led Rachel to a career in Kodak’s management consultancy group where she specialised in behavioural skills-based training including management, team and personal development programmes. She worked flexibly and adapted her style across all areas and levels of the company – from delivering programmes in manufacturing, sales and service, IT and R&D to working with senior business leaders to give them specific coaching on the impact of their behaviours.

Travelling to global locations within Eastman Kodak to understand and then implement best practice initiatives to areas of the UK business, she established a reputation as a skilful and perceptive trainer and facilitator. Rachel spent ten years with Kodak before setting up her own L&D consultancy, working across a range of sectors including financial and professional services, sales, IT, research, manufacturing, education and government departments.

Rachel works with professionals and leaders on a one-to-one basis and with groups in workshops and training sessions to unlock personal capabilities.

  • Extensive experience of developing programmes, training and coaching on presentation skills, personal impact, communication, assertiveness and influencing.
  • Management development
  • Team development

Client feedback

The feedback from Rachel’s programmes often focusses on her ability to build confidence and capability and to deliver enabling programmes, as the following comments show:

  • ‘I didn’t think I could do that – now I know I can.’
  • ‘Rachel showed great patience, never ducking a question. She took time to explain and made sure everyone understood.’
  • ‘This programme should be mandatory; the most useful course I’ve done. 100% do it!’
  • ‘Excellent course, excellent material and presented very, very well.’
  • ‘Rachel explained and delivered everything very well; the skills taught helped enormously.’
  • ‘I would definitely recommend this programme – very beneficial.’
  • ‘Excellent. This has given me so much more confidence to present or run a training programme.’


Rachel is based in St Albans and works across London and the south-east.

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