Mariano de Bernardi

A Senior Consultant and Facilitator at Maximum Performance, Mariano is an experienced leadership and management trainer, facilitator and coach.

He enjoys helping managers implement positive changes to reach their full potential. He uses proven tools and exercises to ensure that managers get the most out of their resources.

His extensive background in management systems and leadership skills supported by a dynamic, friendly style makes his training highly effective.

Mariano has helped a wide range of organisations across the private and public sectors in Europe, Asia and America, improving their performance and implementing lasting change through consulting, facilitation, training and coaching.

He is convinced that the opportunity to reflect and debate in an honest and non-judgemental environment, is a great motivator to increase performance and implement effective change.

Mariano is a certified coach, a management and leadership skills trainer and an international business consultant, continuously learning from his experience at work and from new academic developments. He is particularly interested in the field of neuroscience, and consistently incorporates new proven techniques in his work.

Key areas of expertise

Mariano has been a trainer, coach and consultant in many business and personal development aspects:

  • Emotional intelligence – Resilience
  • Time management – Delegation
  • Critical thinking – Problem solving – Decision making
  • Communication skills – Assertiveness
  • Persuasion & influence – Negotiation
  • Conflict management
  • Staff development – Empowerment – Motivation
  • Teambuilding
  • Diversity Management
  • Change Management – Innovation – Flexibility
  • Operational excellence – Waste – Standardisation – Customer focus
  • Lean management – 5S – SMED – TPM – Kanban – Poke Yoke – OEE – FME– etc.
  • Management systems – PDCA – Continuous Improvement – DMAIC
  • Management information – KPIs – Balanced Score Card
  • Lean processes – Value Stream Mapping – SIPOC – Waste
  • Work measurement & Capacity planning
  • Visual management – Short Interval Control
  • Quality management
  • Project management
  • Sales – Lead generation – Lead conversion – B2B – B2C – AIDDA

Career highlights

Mariano started working in the financial sector, and after five years moved to work in a global consulting firm where, in a short period of time, he became the training manager for Europe. In this position he learned how to design and deliver effective training programmes leading to improved performance, continuous improvement and effective and lasting behaviour change. He then became a Chief Analyst, in charge of designing the improvements programmes based on each client’s specific needs. Since then, he has worked with different global consultancies, designing and delivering improvements programmes for companies around the world. He has helped global companies including Air France, Siemens, Kraft Heinz, Nestlé, Philips, Bosch or Novartis, and has also worked with family owned companies and non-profit organisations such as the NHS, labour unions and universities. He is also an international speaker in summits and events.


  • Native Spanish
  • Also delivers training in English, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese
  • Conversational French


Mariano gets excellent feedback from workshop participants, as the following comments show:

  • ‘Mariano has effectively changed my way of work. Now I am more proactive and assertive in every daily situation’ – Carlos Lopes – Maintenance manager – CP Comboios de Portugal
  • ‘I improved enormously in my attitude, my confidence, my positive thinking and my team spirit. Now I am more rigorous and professional. I experienced a vital change.’ – Françoise Boutell – Production Supervisor Robert Bosch
  • ‘The learning techniques used in the workshops have been impressive. And then, with the individual coaching sessions we really made it happen. It has been a radical change in my professional life.’ – Jana van Heusen – Administrative Manager – Equens Worldwide Finance
  • ‘Without any doubt, this has been the most effective training at all levels. We have a lot of new management tools implemented and others that we will implement soon.’ – Antonio García Llanos – Customer Service Manager – Endesa
  • ‘We’ve done an excellent training … Now we have better results and a better company.’ – Joanna Stanley – Communication Manager – Sara Lee
  • ‘I have made important changes in the way that I manage my department and I significantly improved my results’ – Giorgio Santarelli – Production supervisor – Borg & Beck
  • ‘Warm and friendly, Mariano has a deep knowledge and it shows it in very interactive workshops. He made us all think about some very important issues.’ – Norah Richards – HR Manager – NHS
  • ‘It has been a great training. Not only interesting but also incredibly useful’. – Naomi Williams – Imaging Coordinator – NHS

Mariano is based in Lewes (Sussex) and works across the country and also in Europe.

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