Kat Engall

Kat offers a range of communication and vocal workshops such as learning how to use storytelling as a guide to presenting; to voice coaching for those who feel they want to improve diction, clarity and breath control. Her current client base ranges from doctors, lawyers, and Ted-Talk speakers – to actors, influencers and singers. Kat started off as an actor after graduating from drama school, and whilst working as a tour guide at the local heritage site, quickly realised that the skills she had learned at drama school could apply to people who wanted to deliver more engaging tours. This became the basis for what is now a successful speech and presentation coaching business.

She quickly built several long-standing relationships with clients, helping them to feel more confident about public speaking. This includes inspiring a team they are leading, or speaking at conferences. Her coaching method has one goal in mind: to help people find confidence in communication. Alongside her own clients, Kat is an associate trainer at the highly established company Speak2Impact.

Client feedback

Kat gets excellent feedback from workshop participants and clients alike, as the following few examples show:

  • ‘Kat takes a mindful approach to her planning, regularly checking in with myself to makesure she was focusing on the needs of the group and the individual participants. She tailored her sessions to our participants in a very supportive manner, addressing areas of development/areas to explore with each member within the session before delving into constructive exercises. She made sure to circle back round on their goals outlined at the beginning and made sure everyone felt supported and listened to throughout, as well as highlighting the power and value of various presentation skills, giving real life examples, which found to be an incredibly poignant reminder.’
  • ‘Great way to learn new techniques for presenting’
  • ‘Good opportunity to reflect on what you do, say and how you project yourself’
  • ‘Good mix of knowledge and humour’
  • ‘Enthusiastic and likeable’
  • ‘Really good and engaging’
  • ‘Excellent and bubbly’
  • ‘Funny and knowledgeable; made people feel very at ease’
  • ‘Kat was excellent, very welcoming and warm. Excellent knowledge and very helpful’
  • ‘Your teaching has really transformed how I shall approach creating and carrying out my presentations moving forward’
  • ‘All the practical work we did presenting to the group has given me 100% more confidence than I had when I started’
  • ‘Kat’s excellent course has transformed my approach to creating and carrying out presentations. I now perceive them from a completely different angle, which is that of engaging my audience. I feel confident in doing this due to the range of techniques and methodologies I have learnt. Furthermore, I enjoyed the large percentage of practical work we did (i.e., presenting to the group). This was more practical than other courses I have been on, which was great because it gave me confidence, because it entrenched my learning and because it afforded me Kat’s bespoke guidance based on what she saw me do. I leave the course feeling 100% more confident due to the practical experience I have gained and the methods I have learnt. Thank you Kat!’
  • ‘Kat delivered the content amazingly! She made it easy to understand and it will stick with me for years to come.’
  • ‘Kat was engaging, knowledgeable and relatable and delivered the session with confidence.’
  • ‘Kat was warm and welcoming, knew her stuff, pushed us when we needed a push and created a relaxed informal atmosphere.’
  • ‘Fantastic, kept the session moving and enjoyable. Feedback was tailored depending on the experience level of the individual.’
  • ‘Enthusiastic, engaging and energetic.’
  • ‘She was brilliant – really helpful and kept it engaging throughout.’
  • ‘Really confident and friendly, engaging session on the whole and lots of helpful constructive criticism.’
  • ‘Really friendly, approachable and informative.’
  • ‘Her friendly and approachable demeanour makes it easy to listen and learn.’
  • ‘Friendly, knowledgeable, puts everyone at ease.’
  • ‘Really personable, welcoming and friendly. Put me at ease and was great to listen to – very engaging.’
  • ‘Friendly. Easy to talk to. Felt no judgement.’
  • ‘She was very knowledgeable and keep us entertained all through the class.’

Kat is based in Nottingham.

Give us a call on 01582 463460 to talk through which UK facilitator(s) would be best for you.