Alistair Donegan

Alistair helps organisations, teams, and individuals, from apprentices to graduates to CEO’s, to communicate and work better together. He has significant experience working with senior leaders including C-Suite for various blue-chip companies across a range of industries worldwide. Alistair is fascinated by the specifics of language and behaviour; how what we say and do leads to an outcome, and how if we change what we say and do, it can lead to a very different outcome. He works with clear objectives, tangible outcomes and lasting commitments, leading to impactful behavioural and cultural change.

Alistair has a background in performance and narrative storytelling which support his work delivering and designing programmes based on the latest behavioural science. Prior to moving into training, he managed a software sales team before becoming the sales director for a renewable energy start-up. In his decade plus as a facilitator, trainer and coach, Alistair has enjoyed working with a variety of cultures, continuing to learn and develop himself as well as others. In 2022 he co-designed a culture change programme for a FTSE 100 energy company and was grateful to spend 2023 delivering it to their leadership team worldwide.

Alistair’s delivery style has been called ‘Warm, innovative and compelling’ (A.S., Financial Services), ‘Highly credible and unlocked challenging senior leadership team dynamics’ (M.H.L., Pharmaceuticals) and ‘Flexible approach that appeals to all personalities regardless of seniority, experience and knowledge. The best trainer we’ve worked with.’ (T.H., Energy).

Key areas of expertise

  • A coaching approach: Emotionally intelligent coaching conversations, both formal and informal, and developing the adoption of coaching habits across a workforce.
  • Leadership development: Developing leadership behaviours and mindset shift at every level of organisations from graduate programmes to the S.L.T.
  • Communicating with impact: on a background in performance to support and fine-tune effective delivery styles for live, virtual and hybrid environments.
  • Change management: Designing the language and supporting the delivery of change.
  • The science of influence: Sharing practical tools based on behavioural science that create a solution focused approach to building and managing relationships, increasing emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
  • Psychological safety: Applying a therapeutic background and essential but often forgotten interpersonal soft skills to model and co-create a psychologically safe environment.
  • Effective teamwork: Sharing thought experiments, tools and techniques based on social psychology to illustrate the fundamentals of building an effective team.
  • Storytelling: Coaching out the narrative of your business story, at an organisational, project, or individual level.

Professional certificates and training

  • Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentoring Diploma | ILM | 2023: Context, strategy, culture and processes for coaching and mentoring at a senior and strategic level.
  • Certified NLP master practitioner | CTAA | 2023: Fully accredited NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified coach | Moe Foundation & the Association for Coaching | 2020: Foundational level professional coach training skills
  • Certified mentor | Centrepoint | 2014: Professional mentoring training to support young people build their emotional resilience and independence


Alistair is based in London.

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