David Durkin

David has extensive global experience of consultancy in leadership and talent development, team dynamics and learning programme direction across a range of industries.

He believes passionately in the value of continuous learning and development as a significant contributor to business performance. With over 20 years of experience in designing, delivering and evaluating development programmes, David designs and facilitates learning processes that are both challenging and supportive, delivering exceptional results.

His extensive client list includes Volvo Truck & Bus, Jaguar Land Rover, Honda (UK), Volkswagen Audi, Network Rail Finance, Standard & Poors (UK, USA & Canada), Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy, Argos, Siemens, Glaxo Smith Kline (Belgium), National Grid, Coutts Private Bank (Switzerland), American Express, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Tenet Group, Co-operative Bank, LV=, Nat West, Zeiss, MD Insurance, the DWP, SITA, etc. David has been a guest speaker at the HR Leaders Forum and two ‘best practice’ case studies have been published about his work with a regional sales team to accelerate performance to exceptional achievements.

David’s practical experience is based on a very successful career in retail and corporate banking, where his successful leadership and development of a number of sales and customer service teams took him into specialist learning and development consultancy and senior leadership roles with Barclays. He successfully led the Learning Design teams and then became Programme Director at Barclays University Business School.

His primary areas of specialisation are:

  • Design and facilitation of interventions within the key areas of leadership development, accelerating executive team performance, emotional intelligence, commercial thinking, finance, change leadership, performance management, coaching and talent management.
  • High quality facilitation to board level of development interventions ensuring accelerated team and individual development that delivers high performance levels with tangible results.
  • As an accomplished and experienced coach, David works with leaders at various stages in their development, with a focus on personal growth to improve individual and business performance and change leadership.


A selection of comments from participants attending events and programmes designed and delivered by David is shown below:

‘There is great enthusiasm across the group. An inspiration for the future and it’s in our hands Demonstrates what’s impossible is achievable.’

‘Excellent. A really valuable experience – this will change me!’

‘A really inspiring event – a lot more looking at myself and the impact that I have in a change area.’

‘The common element within these was the practical application and examples that were used to demonstrate the theory. All sessions were particularly participative. Bringing together people from such a diverse working background was excellent and added to the overall experience of the event.’

‘A fantastic learning opportunity and time to reflect on how the learning will impact your role and others. Great network opportunities.’

‘Very different learning to anything I have been exposed to before. Does what it says on the tin.’

‘Fantastic opportunity to gain access to colleagues around the group. Excited by the opportunity to make a difference through the business challenge. Real challenge will be to apply methods and learning.’

‘Very inspiring and well led event. Great to see such incredible talent within the group brought out by the facilitator.’

‘Great week. Really thought provoking. Absolutely the right time for me. Great networking as well. This will be a life changing experience.’

‘A fantastic programme. A real luxury to have my mind stimulated with ideas. I have learnt a lot.’

‘More intense than anything else I have done and has made me think more than anything else I have done.’

‘A mind stretching week. Incredible to get the different perspectives from everyone there and has made me think about what does matter and what is important.’

‘Great programme! The best I’ve been on in years. The quality of the teaching is great and it’s great to have the calibre of people on the course.’

‘Challenging in different ways and provoked a lot of thought about each session. I was completely captivated.’

‘The best programme I’ve ever attended. Great knowledge and experience.’

‘Leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I have done. Is much more about just presenting myself and this programme is streets ahead.’

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