Cyrus Cooper

Cyrus, Managing Director of Maximum Performance, is an exceptional international trainer, facilitator and coach.

He specialises in helping managers to focus on their role and responsibilities with the aim of getting great results for them, as well as for the people they manage. He has helped organisations across the globe in all sectors to improve their performance through a range of interventions covering leadership and management development and corporate and executive 1:1 coaching.

Formerly an internal L&D consultant to the Ministry of Justice, he has been MD of Maximum Performance since 2008 and has led on many successful large-scale client projects. He brings enthusiasm, energy, self-motivation and commitment to everything that he does.

His current clients include, for example, easyJet, Ascot, The Lancashire Group, SITA, NOMAD, The Wine Society, London Executive Offices, EUSA Pharma, Southeast Water and London Business School, to name but a few.

Whether delivering a one-off workshop or designing an innovative management development programme (delivered for one of our clients across Europe in multiple languages), Cyrus delivers with understanding, enthusiasm and passion, and truly believes that learning is about creation, not consumption.

Cyrus is incredibly engaging and practical in his approach, with tools and methodologies explained clearly. His strong facilitation skills and focus on his audience create a powerful learning experience. This comes through very clearly in his book, Brilliant Workshops, published by Pearson Education. His academic and professional qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Management Practice, MBTI accredited, SDI accredited, Facet5 accredited, DiSC accredited, Diploma in Executive and Corporate Coaching, Diploma in Business Coaching, Diploma in Business Excellence (EFQM), Hay Group Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI), NeuroView accredited. Cyrus is currently working towards his coaching PCC accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF).



See what people have said about Cyrus’s workshops:

‘The biggest compliment I can give Cyrus is that I took the programme 15 years too late! I have been on a lot of training courses and this is by far the best.’

‘An eye-opening experience – helps to see what type of personality you have and the skills that you can use from your strengths to be a good manager. Cyrus is great at engaging you and keeping focus.’

‘One of the best training programmes I have attended. Helped me understand the person I am and the type of manager I want to be. The teaching mechanism is designed to keep you fully engaged and all programmes are relevant in day to day management life.’

‘The course which has been put together by Maximum Performance has something for everyone. The modules are well thought-out and well presented, including the use of games and quiz questions which really help to get the message across.’

‘Shows what kind of person I am, strengths / weaknesses, live examples / toolkits that apply to real life work situations.’

‘I am recommending this programme to a lot of people! I am saying that, “This programme is different! It is interactive, it is refreshing and it changes the way you are as a manager and relational to people. The contents are extremely good and relevant”.’

‘Training courses can be dry and boring, regardless of the content, if not delivered with enthusiasm – Cyrus has it by the bucketload!’


Cyrus is based in London/Hertfordshire and works across the country and, indeed, internationally.

Give us a call on 01582 463460 to talk through which UK facilitator(s) would be best for you.