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  • Date post: May 31, 2016

A graduate development workshop

Thomson Reuters is a global information company providing essential information to the financial services, media and corporate markets. The information drives decision-making across the globe. Reuters have a reputation for speed, accuracy and freedom from bias. Now merged with Thomson, they are one of the world’s few truly international, multicultural organisations, with offices and customers throughout the world. Their Graduate Development Workshop is delivered in London to three groups a year, from around the world, with 10-15 people in each group – two groups of business graduates and one of technical graduates. It needed a revamp and Maximum Performance won a competitive tender to develop and deliver a ‘revamped’ workshop.

Thomson Reuters wanted us to:

  • increase the levels of energy, enjoyment and engagement among the participants
  • include more interaction and challenge the participants more, with engaging and practical activities
  • bring the content and format up-to-date, reflecting current best L&D practice?

We put forward a completely new programme to help the graduates:

  • raise their self-awareness around personal motivation, environment and long-term aspirations
  • recognise the impact of their personal behaviour, style and approach, identifying key strengths and development areas
  • formulate their own personal career and development plan so that they could make better decisions about future roles

The 4-day workshop was conducted as a development, rather than an assessment, centre but with participants observed and feedback provided through various interactive elements. Specific outputs include detailed Personal Development Plans and personalised DVDs of their interview skills practice sessions.

For maximum impact and relevance, we worked with Thomson Reuters to secure the participation of their own senior managers as observers and role-players.

And what was the result?

“The results speak for themselves; our graduates come out more secure in themselves, more prepared for working life and with an array of soft skills they can use every day.”
Elizabeth Pedler, Head of Graduate Programmes, Markets Division, Thomson Reuters

‘Throughout the programme redesign, I found Maximum Performance to be extremely responsive, creative in their approach and also dedicated to building a bespoke solution for Thomson Reuters. The feedback from stakeholders and delegates has been very positive on the content delivered, the facilitator’s training style and Maximum Performance’s ability to hit the ground running, intimately understanding our needs.”
Khalil Ayub, Technology Graduate Scheme Manager, Thomson Reuters

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