360° review case studies

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  • Date post: May 31, 2016

We often use 360° reviews as part of our development programmes. They’re a great way of setting a baseline and evaluating return on investment.

360° review case studies
Our 360° tools are used by a wide range of successful organisations, for a variety of reasons. Here we present three case studies, to show how different clients have used the tools and what the impact has been.


JCDecaux is one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies, with 40 years’ experience in delivering top-quality and innovative outdoor advertising solutions. The company’s Operations Team is responsible for posting, cleaning and inspecting the full portfolio of products, which includes billboards, street furniture and phone boxes.

We ran a 360° feedback process for all the Regional Operations Managers, using ManagerView360. There were two main aims:

  1. To take a measure of how the managers were working currently, against a benchmark of effective management skills and behaviours.
  2. To provide the managers with specific and personalised feedback, in a confidential one-to-one environment, on their management skills and capability.

The feedback resulted in the creation of personalised development plans and the managers were supported by a 3-month coaching programme. Here are some of their comments on the 360° feedback process:

“I found the initial feedback very thought-provoking and the subsequent development plan a positive challenge. Since then the coaching has helped to keep me focused, especially the latest meeting where I could have been in danger of losing the initiative due to recent issues.”

“I think overall it has raised greater awareness of myself, the staff that work under me and those of the company in general. I have tried to implement a different approach in relation to my 360 review and have noted some positive results.”

“I think the 360 reviews are a very good benchmark to see where you are as a manager and where you are going right or wrong. If such reviews are carried out on an annual basis it will give you a fantastic chance to really see your own progression, which is a great motivator.”


WCRS is a creative advertising and digital media agency with an impressive portfolio of clients including GSK, BMW, HMRC, Churchill Insurance, BUPA, Santander, Unilever, Prudential and SKY.

WCRS used our CustomView360 to feed into their annual performance review process. Most recently, 95 managers and non-managers participated in the programme, each receiving one-to-one feedback on the result of the tool from their previously-trained managers.

The output of the feedback session was a personalised development plan for each manager, specifying three measurable objectives for development in the forthcoming year.

WCRS are continuing to customise the behaviours in the feedback survey, to increase its usability across the organisation.


UKRD specialises in local commercial radio broadcasting operations. They have a growing list of stations and related activities and, in many of their markets, they are the only commercial broadcaster committed to maintaining a truly local product.

UKRD used the CustomView360 feedback tool within their Fast Track management development programme to develop the group’s management talent in line with a unique culture that will create and sustain long-term growth for the business.

An initial 360° review was carried out, followed up by a one-to-one debriefing and 360° report analysis. Key areas of focus were identified for each participant and an individual development plan drawn up. This was consolidated with a programme of workshops to aid learning and understanding and to offer support in the promotion of development plans.

A follow-up 360° review was carried out six months later. The re-test showed that, on average, there was an incredible 42% participant improvement on measured behaviours. For some participants, the improvement was even more marked.

One participant, who set six development targets, improved one behaviour by 222%, improved on the six targets by 175% on average, and surpassed each goal set.

For more information as to how we can help you with 360° reviews, please follow the link or just give us a call on 01582 714280 for a no-obligation discussion.