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  • Customer: We focus on short-tail, specialty property re/insurance and have underwriting operations in Bermuda and London. Our five main business areas are: Aviation, Energy, Marine, Property and Lloyd's.
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  • Date post: June 2, 2016
Not many FTSE250 companies mention their middle management development in their Annual Report. But Lancashire Group did. Read more to see why.

Developing our middle management teams
Our people are vital to Lancashire’s continuing success. During 2011, we explored ways of developing the performance and potential of our managers. To help them achieve their goals, we invested significantly in a management development programme. Some were sceptical to begin with, but are now fully on-board and committed to the programme as feedback on the programme’s delivery has been very positive.

‘I must admit that at the outset I was a bit cynical, even just from doing the questionnaires – but as soon as I had my first induction I realized this thing had legs! I think it’s fair to say that throughout the sessions we all learned something and it changed our perceptions. And it was good for internal department networking. Bring on the next module.’
Hayley Johnston, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer

Lancashire Holdings Ltd, Annual Report & Accounts 2011, page 37

A rapidly growing company operating in a high-pressure City environment, Lancashire were aware that their corporate growth had outstripped staff development, particularly at the middle management level. Aware of our reputation from our work at another insurance company, they selected us to design and deliver a completely bespoke 12-month development programme. Key requirements of the programme were that it should:

  • take full account of focus group input at the design stage
  • be delivered in a sufficiently engaging style to overcome any initial scepticism
  • reflect the Lancashire values and culture
  • be delivered in the same way to all staff, in both London and Bermuda

We designed a programme that included:

  • a custom 360° review
  • a ‘launch’ event
  • one-to-one feedback sessions
  • nine separate one-day development modules
  • one-to-one personal coaching with each manager
  • a final 360° review
  • evaluation and ROI analysis
  • final feedback session and ‘completion’ event

We are only part-way through the programme but already the impact has surpassed all expectations. The programme is seen to have more than justified the investment. And this is a client that takes return on investment very seriously indeed!

Inspired? If you’re thinking about a middle management development programme, please just give us a call on 01582 714280 and we’ll put you in touch directly with the most appropriate member of the team for a no-obligation discussion as to how we might be able to help you.

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