Developing your managers? Top tips for a management development programme – FREE WEBINAR

A FREE webinar for managers, L&D professionals and HR managers

23 February 2018

Are you thinking about running a management development programme (MDP) but aren’t quite sure where to start? Based on our experience of designing and delivering such programmes for a wide range of organisations it’s clear that:

  • Every organisation is different
  • Every organisation manages to think of most relevant points in advance
  • No organisation manages to think about every relevant point in advance.

If you’re contemplating a management development programme for your organisation, it is a big investment that you will be making. This webinar will enable you to share your thoughts with other professionals and will give you the information you need before you make the decision. It will also help you decide whether to design and deliver your own or whether to look for an external provider. If you decide to do your own thing, it will give you a few tools and techniques and some approaches you could use as you see fit. If you decide to look for an external provider, it will give you a checklist of points to consider.


Topics this webinar will cover:

  • How is your culture conducive to running a MDP?
  • How will you get buy-in from key stakeholders?
  • Who will deliver?
  • Where will it be delivered?
  • How long will the MDP last?
  • Residential or modular?
  • What content will you choose? Quality or quantity? Broad or specialist areas?
  • How will you transfer the learning?
  • How will you measure success?

L&D professionals, HR managers – anyone who has responsibility for management development training in their organisation.


A one-hour webinar through HR Grapevine.

Expert trainer

Cyrus Cooper

Cyrus Cooper_b+wCyrus (Managing Director of Maximum Performance) designed this programme. An exceptional international trainer, facilitator and coach, he specialises in helping managers to focus on their roles and responsibilities with the aim of getting great results with the people they manage. He has helped organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to improve their performance through a range of interventions covering leadership challenges, motivational management and corporate and executive 1:1 coaching.

Cyrus is enthusiastic and practical in his approach. His strong facilitation skills and focus on his audience create a powerful learning experience. This comes through very clearly in his book, Brilliant Workshops, published by Pearson Education.

Testimonials from our previous Management Development Programmes

An eye-opening experience – helps you to see what type of personality you have and the skills that you can use from your strengths to be a good manager. Cyrus is great at engaging you and keeping focus.’

One of the best training programmes I have attended. Helped me understand the person I am and the type of manager I want to be. The teaching mechanism is designed to keep you fully engaged and all programmes are relevant in day-to-day management life.’

‘The course, which has been put together by Maximum Performance, has something for everyone. The modules are well thought out and well presented, including the use of games and quiz questions which really help to get the message across.’

‘Helped validate what I was already doing and has given me the tools to help in areas that I was lacking.’

‘I confess, having managed teams of people for several years, when my Managing Director signed myself and a colleague up for the course, I was unenthused to say the least. I thought I already knew all I needed to about management. I was wrong. This course has really helped me to identify the areas I need to focus on, for me and my team.’

‘Many of the exercises and assessments can be used as part of the team building and development work which is always occurring. In addition, my employers will benefit from my own improved skills and focus in various areas, including but not limited to, coaching, mentoring and leadership.’

‘The course was extremely interesting and informative. It taught me a lot about myself and how the role of a manager is about delegation and understanding both the needs of the organisation and the employees.’

‘Well-paced, thought-provoking and enlightening course. Challenges your preconceptions of “good management” and provides you with the tools to enable your own strengths to come to the fore.’

‘The range of tools and methodologies used gives a very broad picture of the management development field. It was jargon-free and highly accessible, and very easily applied to day-to-day life back in the office.’

If you think you knew everything about management, think again. Even the most confident managers will pick up very useful skills, tools and tips from this course. The modules being split over multiple months gave me time to reflect and put into practice the skills received at each module.’

‘Lots of useful tools and guidance on how to get the best out of yourself and your staff. Attending this programme, I grew as a professional and a manager of people; it gave me more confidence to approach situations with different types of people more effectively.’

‘The course is very well structured and scheduled over the period. It is very useful to have it once a month to have time to put into practice what was learnt in the classroom. In addition, the web-based platform was extremely helpful: make sure to make the most of that and you will keep yourself on track. All pre-work is extremely helpful so do take time to read all documents well in advance and be prepared.’

This course is a fantastic way to learn more about yourself, your role as a people manager and how you can support others to grow within an organisation. It gives you the tools and confidence needed to succeed as an effective manager.

‘I gained a lot from attending the programme. I now feel more confident and equipped to effectively manage people. It’s been a great development opportunity and I have learnt so much about my strengths and areas for improvement. Every day I am finding new ways to apply what I learnt through this programme. I am better able to manage my team. I am better able to manage myself, which had made me more effective. I have a range of tools that I can apply which will support my organisation.

Location, timing, etc
  • 23 February 2018
  • 12:00 – 13:00 GMT