Management development programme – which one is right for you?

Management development programme – which one is right for you?

Are you looking for a management development programme?

Then have a look at ours – it gets great feedback! Here are some comments from the most recent ‘outing’:

‘An eye-opening experience – helps you to see what type of personality you have and the skills that you can use from your strengths to be a good manager. Cyrus is great at engaging you and keeping focus.’

‘The course is fun! It’s broken down into modules which help the learning process – there isn’t too much to take in at once!’

‘I am now able to be a more confident manager, manage my time better and help support others to succeed.’

‘One of the best training programmes I have attended. Helped me understand the person I am and the type of manager I want to be. The teaching mechanism is designed to keep you fully engaged and all programmes are relevant in day-to-day management life.’

‘It made me realise how little I knew about managing staff and interacting with others.’

‘The programme has helped me to become a manager.’

‘The course, which has been put together by Maximum Performance, has something for everyone. The modules are well thought out and well presented, including the use of games and quiz questions which really help to get the message across.’

‘Cyrus and Susie are by far the best thing. Their leadership and contribution make learning easy as well as quick. The modules are great – designed with a clever flow so you can see a week-by-week benefit. The gaps between modules also allow you enough time to implement what you have learnt. Finally, the opportunity for extra and individual coaching allows you time for a 1-2-1 analysis and continued support.’

The Maximum Performance Management Development Programme is available on both an ‘in-house’ and an ‘open’ basis.

Inspired? Or even just mildly curious? Then please give us a call on 01582 714280 to see whether we can be of service to you. We’re here to help!