Executive coaching & mentoring

Executive coaching and mentoring from Maximum Performance

Coaching and mentoring are very powerful tools and we’re huge fans of them.

There are five main aspects to our coaching work:

Executive coaching as part of a structured development programme

Executive coaching is an integral part of many of our leadership and management development programmes, to help embed learning and to help change behaviour, working very closely with individuals to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Sometimes this is for middle and senior managers (eg, Legoland, BIG Lottery), sometimes for graduates or ‘rising stars’ (eg, Thomson Reuters, Housing Solutions). Invariably, it has a huge impact.

Coaching for executive teams

At Board or SMT level, we often recommend coaching rather than a formal development programme. It gives senior individuals the opportunity to express their true selves in a confidential environment and to talk openly about their concerns, fears, knowledge, abilities and goals, without letting egos get in the way. The coaching is normally offered through six 1:1 sessions, each lasting 1.5 – 2.0 hours, over a period of six months. The coach would be chosen for their skills and ‘best fit’ with the client. The coach may use some profiling tools such as FACET5, MBTI, OPQ, Emotional Intelligence, etc, to underpin the sessions and accelerate individuals’ development. Recent examples of this include Lancashire Group, Hannover and The Wine Society.

Coaching to address individual issues

Increasingly, we’re also being asked to work with individuals on a more ad hoc basis, not as part of a development programme but in order to help them address particular issues. The starting point might be any of the following:

  • Transformational
  • Transitional
  • Leadership
  • Behavioural
  • Performance
  • Skill-building
  • Career
  • Confidence

Recent examples of work at this level include Finsbury Foods, the BIG Lottery Fund and Legoland.

Developing coaching skills

As the benefits of coaching and mentoring have been more widely recognised in recent years, so organisations have sought to improve their managers’ competence in this area. We’ve designed two skills workshops to help:

  • Coaching for excellence – a one-day introduction to coaching skills
  • High performance coaching – two days of training plus a practical assignment to enhance your coaching skills

These programmes have been run for a range of clients and, if required, can be tailored around different coaching models for different organisations.

Developing a coaching culture

Once enough managers have reached a sufficient level of coaching skills proficiency, an organisation can take the next step in developing a coaching culture by launching an internal coaching network. We were delighted to work with the BIG Lottery Fund to help them do just that.

See how our approach to executive coaching works in practice:


Mentoring is a longer-term intervention than coaching and it should be managed internally. But where we can add value is by helping you set up your mentoring network. See how our approach works in practice:

For a no-obligation discussion about how we could help make executive coaching or mentoring work in your organisation please just give us a call on 01582 714280 and we’ll put you in touch with just the right person.